Box Of Delights

Blowing one’s own trumpet tends to seem a little vulgar, so it’s always nice when someone blows yours for you (as it were). I’m thrilled to have received this lovely review for my short story, The Christmas Box, which was published by the good folks at Total-E-Bound (

The Christmas Box by Elizabeth Coldwell reviewed by Patricia Pellicane

Natasha has been invited to a Christmas party at a mansion outside of London. Joe, a close friend from college, has inherited the huge house. The place is far too big for one bachelor. He’s planning to sell, but first he’s going to throw a blast of a party.
Natasha arrives in the midst of a nasty snowstorm. The moment she and Joe lay eyes on one another sparks fly. He’s filled out some since college and in a most enticing fashion. He’s so hot!

The two of them are just about to get down to some sweet business when Ian shows up. It seems, because of the snow, no one else will be able to get through. After dinner and drinks, the three, with seriously loosened inhibitions, set out to enjoy themselves and for the next day and more they happily do just that.

Elizabeth Coldwell weaves a tale of delicious fantasy. Hot, wild and lusciously decadent, her characters pull no punches as she sets out to entice a reader to eagerly turn each page. This is ménage at its tempting best leaving all three participants delighted that they had indulged. When the body is sated and emotions begin to rule we happily discover between two of the three something even more lovely is about to take shape.

It left me wanting more. If you enjoy a quick, sexy read, don’t miss this story.

Patricia’s website is at, where you can read a juicy extract from her own new TEB release,  Sophie’s Pleasure.


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