Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

With Random House having taken the (misguided, according to just about everyone who reads and writes quality erotica) decision to close the Black Lace and Nexus imprints, it seems as though Xcite Books has stepped up to fill the resulting gap in the market. They’ve just launched a range of e-books, some of which are PDF versions of their existing print list, but most of which are new titles. Single short stories are available for 99p and anthologies start at £2.99, for which you get four or five stories – pretty decent value.

I mention this because I have a story in one of the initial anthologies, Red Hot Reads 1. The cover may not be that exciting, but the contents certainly sizzle. My own offering, Snow Day, kicks off the collection. Inspired by what’s been one of the coldest winters for years, it features a woman whose planned day in the spa has to be cancelled when she finds herself snowed in. Fortunately, her personal trainer husband is around to treat her to an X-rated version of the pampering she was expecting. Next up is Alana James’ My Two Halves, in which a woman is invited to take part in the famous magic trick in which a woman is sawn in two. However, unlike the more traditional version, once she’s been separated, the audience is invited up to do all manner of naughty things to her lower half while her top half looks on. It’s a clever premise, and very nicely done.

Two writers I know well from their contributions to Forum over recent years, Eva Hore and J. Manx, provide tales about threesomes. Eva’s Toys For The Girls features best friends Sheila and Melissa picking up some goodies from a local sex shop. Once home, they decide to test them out, but while Sheila fantasises about what she’ll do with her husband and these toys, what she doesn’t realise is that he’s watching on and about to step into the steamy action. Manx’s good-humoured Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, meanwhile, is an MFM menage. Mike and Tina, both fans of outdoor sex, spice up their life with the aid of Mike’s old friend, Joe. The set-up may not be the most original, but the actual threeway, which takes place on a beach, is deliciously described.

This just leaves A Collar And Tie by Elise Hepner, who’s a new name on me but who writes with verve and style. One for lovers of fem dom, the story tells of a man who’s forced by circumstances to apply for a janitorial job for which he is hugely over-qualified, and who discovers his true calling is actually grovelling at the feet of his icy Nicole Kidman-alike boss.

Other titles in the Xcite e-book range feature prolific authors in the genre including Sommer Marsden, Victoria Blisse, C. Margery Kempe and Landon Dixon, and for the price they should be well worth checking out. They’re at www.xcitebooks.com, where you’ll also find guidelines for both the print and e-book imprints if you fancy submitting something yourself.


One thought on “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. I am feeling hot! but i thought it was old age. 🙂 I had no idea you had a blog. I’m ridiculously excited to find this. Congrats on all your good news! I’m very proud to be up there with y’all. ❤


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