In The Mood For A Quickie?

Then pop over to Circlet Press (, where my story To Her Specifications is this week’s free micro-fiction offering. If you’re not already aware of Circlet (and why not?),they are the leading purveyors of speculative erotic fiction, offering everything from ‘classic’ science-fiction and fantasy to shapeshifters to vampires to kinky steampunk.

Micro-fiction is also pretty hot right now, from fiction collections such as the Alison Tyler-edited anthology Fancy A Quickie?, where everything is designed to be read in under a minute, to the short, sweet flashes on the Circlet site.

The logical extension of all this must surely be flash slash, slash fiction having originated among the sci-fi lovers who wanted to see Star Trek‘s Kirk and Spock enjoying some hot, sweaty manlove. In flash slash, they’d still beam each other up, as it were; they’d just do it in a hundred words or fewer.

I can understand why women fantasise about two apparently straight men suddenly discovering an urgent erotic attraction to each other; I just don’t always agree with their choice of lust object. There’s plenty of slash with a football theme on the Net, which would be fun except it’s always about the rather bland likes of Michael Owen and David Beckham. Obviously the girls who write it only ever see the England team in action and don’t realise there are much hotter players plying their trade in the lower leagues. But the real problem with fantasising about Owen is that given his injury record he’d probably pull his hamstring halfway through the act…


2 thoughts on “In The Mood For A Quickie?

  1. Paul says:

    I liked the Circlet flash–well enough to come and check out your website.

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