Girls Together Outrageously

Occasionally, I like to plot a little girl-on-girl action, and one of my recent forays into the genre has made it into Xcite’s Lesbian Love e-book. Indeed, it’s the lead-off story in a selection of six sizzling little numbers. The Black Lily is the tale of a notorious female thief who’s planning the last big heist of her career. She lusts after the diamond-encrusted chastity belt on display in a trendy Hoxton art gallery – and yes, there are deliberate shades of Damien Hirst here – but the submissive blonde who models it excites her even more…

But that’s quite enough to whet your appetite.. What of the other stories in the collection. Pleasingly, all but one of the other authors are new names to me, and their offerings are nicely varied. Beverley Langland’s Suspicion features an Elvis Presley-obsessed trophy wife who grows increasingly jealous of her husband’s new PA, Jodie. She’s driven to the point of dishing out a spanking to the girl, but when she’s always been used to being on the receiving end of a smacked bottom, how is she to proceed? Langland’s neat, formal style suits this tale of old-fashioned English discipline..

English restraint isn’t the way for Sommer Marsden. Becca, the narrator of her story Snow Nymph, is stuck in a hotel, doing work for a company whose tight per diem won’t let her buy more than a coffee with all the trimmings. Her new friend, Robin, offers her a free place on the course she teaches – only for Becca to find herself with a group of women keen to try some Betty Dodson-style self-examination of their lady gardens. Becca’s unexpected lust for Robin is neatly captured, as is her growing realisation that there’s no shame in letting yourself go.

Dee Jay’s Best Of Three features Rachel, who is torn between lady artist Sam and rough roofer Gary. She likes both of them, but which is better? If she were Harry Hill, this is the moment when she’d ask them to fight, but instead she sets them challenges to see who is the most inventive lover. With descriptions of hot sex in art galleries and on rooftops, with food and in restraint, this is a fun, kinky little offering.

Antonia Adams’ Busy Lizzies And Chives is more straightforward in its encounter between shy Sue and glamorous Angela, who always rubbed each other up the wrong way at school. Angela offers Sue some hands-on sex tips, and what could have been a rather predictable storyline develops into something quite wistful and touching.

Rounding off the collection is Giselle Renard’s Painted Nails And Puppy Dog Tails. Claire has a huge crush on the stunning rockabilly girl who works in her local hair salon. Thinking the best way to her heart is by booking an appointment, she’s a little taken aback to learn Billie actually deals with nails – until she discovers just how erotic a pedicure can be. There’s a gentle, humorous streak running through this story and foot fetishists will also get a few thrills from it.

With only six stories in a book, it’s important to keep the standard consistent, and Miranda Forbes has managed this, choosing authors with nicely varying styles and storylines ranging from vanilla couplings to spicy BDSM. These cheap and cheerful collections, available from, could really catch on…


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