Horn Of The Dead

Moody vampires are sooooo over (the cute one from The Vampire Diaries who used to be in Lost notwithstanding…). The hot new studs on the paranormal erotica block are zombies. And if you don’t believe there’s love, lust, laughs and even pathos to be wrung from the concept of humans dating zombies, zombies dating zombies and zombie-killers sleeping with the hottest chick left on earth, you haven’t read Hungry For Your Love.

I’m proud to be a part of Ravenous Romance’s most outrageously inventive anthology with my story Everyone I Love Is Dead (and Brownie points to anyone who knows where I got the title from!), and with St Martin’s Press in the US bringing out a print edition in time for next Hallowe’en, my fellow authors and I are rising up to talk about it. If you pop over to Lois Gresh’s blog at http://loisgresh.blogspot.com/2010/03/zombie-love-fest.html, you’ll find more information on all the authors, who range from romance specialists to out-and-out horror buffs, as well as seeing some charmingly zombiefied photos of us all. The one of me is taken in my favourite bar in Amsterdam, where I was going for an attempt at the Courtney Love look, though now it turns out I was just undead all the time… Enjoy!

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