Things That Go Hump In The Night

The lazy days of summer may be on their way – clouds of volcanic ash and the noisy pneumatic drill currently churning up the road outside my house notwithstanding – but it’s MidsummerNight which has inspired the latest collection of paranormal short stories from male/male romance publishers Dreamspinner Press. Midsummer Nightmares is a collection of thirty delightfully chilling tales which come as a Daily Dose, meaning a hot, horny new story is delivered to your inbox every day throughout June. The storylines feature all manner of perilous situations and sinister characters, from vampires to zombies, werewolves to succubi, spooky adventures in haunted houses and mysteries even Scooby Doo and his friends would be hard pressed to solve. And at the heart of all of them is a romantic dilemma or revelation of true love, seasoned with lashings of steamy sex.

The authors behind these spine-tingling stories include Clancy Nacht, Devon Rhodes, JJ Levesque, Jamie Freeman, Libby Drew and Zahra Owens, so regular Dreamspinner readers know they’re in for a treat. I’m making my Dreamspinner debut with a story called Careful What You Wish For, all about what happens when hunky Aaron whips up a Midsummer Night love spell for his lovelorn roommate, Josh. He promises Josh he can create his perfect man – but what he doesn’t realise is that he is Josh’s perfect man…

If you don’t want all thirty stories, you’ll be able to buy them individually from June 1st, though if you order them from the Dreamspinner site before the end of April, UK readers will get the whole lot for around a pound a day. I’d go on about what great value that is, but I’d start to sound like a commercial for the TV licence fee. Instead, I’ll just let you feast your eyes on the anthology’s fabulously funny cover (a nice change from all those chiselled sex-packs which usually find their way on to M/M titles – not that I don’t like those, but you can have too much of a gorgeous thing sometimes) and congratulate myself for not making any references to these stories putting the willies up you. (Damn! And I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids…)

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