The Skin You’re In

It’s a double whammy on the new release front for me. Not only am I featured in Total-e-bound’s Cougars And Cubs anthology which debuts today, my novel Someone Else’s Skin is now available from Xcite books. It’s a time-travelling bodyswap adventure, telling what happens when journalist Annie Harrison accepts the offer to be hypnotised and find out not who she was in a previous life but who she’s going to be in a future one. Her alter ego is Jai Galloway, a 23rd century citizen who’s part of a rebel group trying to prevent a massive ecological catastrophe. If that sounds a little serious for your average erotic novel, don’t worry: both as Annie and Jai, our hero/ine enjoys lots of sex, including some kinky fun with bondage tape and a couple of hot threeways.

The novel was originally inspired following a press launch I went to many years ago where I was hypnotised by Paul McKenna – though I didn’t see my future self that night, sadly. But it proves you never know where you’re going to find the starting point for your next story…

To find out more about the book and read a rather steamy extract, visit the Xcite site.

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