Karma, It’s A Bitch

As anyone who writes for e-publishers will know, one of the biggest problems we face is people pirating our work. (I’m sure none of you reading this would ever think about doing such a thing, but if you’re considering it – don’t. The likes of JK Rowling may be able to stand the loss of a sale or two over the lifetime of her books, but most writers rely on every last penny of their royalties.) At the moment, Government legislation in the UK has concentrated on illegal downloading, rather than illegal uploading. However, most publishers have some way of monitoring to find places where books are being shared, and an e-mail from Total-e-bound proves the system is working – and brought a smile to the face of a lot of authors. They’ve just caught someone who’d put 49 of their recent titles on a filesharing site, and taken the necessary legal steps to make sure she doesn’t do it again. So far, so mundane, but they caught her because she uploaded an anthology called Stealing My Heart – all the profits from which are going towards the fight against Internet piracy! Alanis Morissette would probably describe that as ironic, but then she thinks rain on your wedding day is irony, rather than plain unfortunate…


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