A Tale Of Two Covers

Lovely images have been popping into my inbox recently, reminding me not only that a couple of exciting books are on their way, but that the end of the year is already on its way (and a big hello to everyone who celebrated the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, which was once memorably described by a friend of mine on being driven past it for the first time as ‘just some rocks’. Wiccans and pagans, if I knew where he was at the moment, I’d point you in his direction…).

First on its way, and keeping in the mood of all things unholy,  is the print version of the Ravenous zombie romance anthology, Hungry For Your Love. It’s been picked up, as I might have already mentioned, by St Martin’s Press, and will be out in time for Hallowe’en looking very much like this:

If that’s a little too scary for you, then let’s turn from naughty to nice, as it were. I’ve just had a short story picked up by a new Canadian e-publisher, MuseItHot, the erotic arm of genre publishers MuseItUp, who offer more mainstream romance novels, along with(among other) sci-fi, mystery and an imprint called Muse Divaz, featuring novels about what, in erotic terms, would be defined as a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman).

Anyway, my story tells what happens when a student finds herself working in Santa’s Grotto alongside a very hot DILF, and it’s behind this beautifully snowy cover, designed by Delilah K Stephens:

Yes, the title of the story is a rather bad pun on one of my favourite Journey songs, Be Good To Yourself, but it simply had to be done. (And NB to all those people who now like Don’t Stop Believin’ because of Glee, Journey aren’t cool. Journey never were cool. Just move along and leave them to those of us who were dancing round our university hall of residence rooms to Escape twenty-ahem years ago.) Right, better go and work on some line edits before I get the urge to listen to Open Arms

3 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Covers

  1. Nicholas says:

    Thanks for that. “Hungry For Your Love” has me utterly intrigued on how zombie romance can work. It’s quite sweet to know that there’s a someone for everyone, even if they want to eat your brains. 🙂
    Will definitely have to add that one to the “must buy” list.

    I also made the journey past the “Rocks” one year on their big day. Never again. Bumper to bumper traffic, road closed by the Police and an extra few hours added to the journey time.

  2. Sounds like a fascinating book. I absolutely LOVE the cover.

  3. Lin Holmes says:

    We both have Christmas stories coming out with Muse, mine with the MuseItUp side of the house, and both have Deliliah to thank for our incredible covers. I was delighted to learn I would be sharing the December 1 release date with another Christmas cheer story with an equally intriguing title. Mine is SANTA IS A LADY, and although my story does not make it into Santa’s real background, my Lady does get to sit on his Throne…well, one of them.

    I love your play on the wording in your title, and expect your characters are going to melt some of the North Pole’s landscape with their heat. =^..^=

    Looking forward to reading it…and I’m glad to share the Christmas thunder with you.

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