Summer Loving, Had Me A Blast

Apologies if it’s raining where you are, but the weather here has been just right to stretch out on the lawn with a saucy book. Perfect for the mood is Xcite’s Summer Sizzlers, five very varied tales of al fresco adventure and sex on the move.

It opens with my story, Tourist Trap, an idea which came to me about as far from the exotic setting of a foreign holiday as it’s possible to get – travelling on a train through a stretch of creepy-looking woodland just outside Doncaster! Holidaying in Romania, Mark is determined to get as far from the beaten track as he can, and hires local boy Dimitar to guide him and his girlfriend, Kate, to a ruined castle most tourists don’t know about. The further they travel, the more Kate becomes convinced Dimi is really a vampire, luring them away to do them harm, but is she simply mistaking his sexual dominance for something more sinister?

Giselle Renard’s New World will appeal to anyone with Mile High fantasies. Priya is originally from India, but has forged a successful career in Canada. Now she is bringing her husband, Naresh, who’s much older than her, to live with her. However, Priya’s young and sexually inventive lover, Fawaz, is also on the flight – and he knows some fun ways they can pass the time while Naresh dozes.

Jemima, in Alcamia Payne’s Beach Peach, has a very specific fantasy. She’s turned on beyond belief by being in the ocean, and dreams of making love there, but doesn’t believe she will ever find a man adventurous and athletic enough to keep up with her. And then she meets Anthony…

Carmel Lockyer’s The Battle Of The Clans also features a heroine who despairs of having her desires satisfied. In this case, Christy has left behind her Master in moving to the quiet Scottish town of Rosneath, and her attempts to replace him are going nowhere, until the day of a battle re-enactment. When she meets the deliciously dominant man playing the ultimately vanquished Colquhoun, she realises it’s possible to lose the battle but still win the war.

Leigh Clarke’s Festivating picks up on the trend for sexy geek heroes (and if you haven’t realised geeks are becoming sex symbols – if only in their own estimation – you haven’t watched enough episodes of Springwatch!). Carrie persuades Joe to get out of his lab and visit the Big Green music festival, ostensibly under the pretext of conducting research into alternative technology. Instead, she introduces him to the delights of outdoor sex in the remains of an ancient stone circle. There’s a nice vein of humour running through this story, but Clarke takes the trouble to establish a secondary character who is then dispensed with very abruptly, which is a pity, as I was left feeling there was more potential in the storyline.

Overall, though, this will bring heat to even the most miserable summer’s day. The intensity of the BDSM games described in The Battle Of The Clans is balanced nicely by the lighter tone of Beach Peach and the naughtiness beneath the heroine’s prim surface in New World. Check it out here, and don’t forget your sunscreen!


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