We Live So Fast…

Fulsome praise for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s latest collection of hot erotica for women, Fast Girls, at R.S. Bohn’s blog. It takes as its theme women who are bold, daring and adventurous, who know what they want from sex and are prepared to do whatever it takes to have the kind of encounters they want. My contribution to the anthology, Princess, is described as ‘a story that took something that is not my pleasure at all, thank you very much, and had me sitting there thinking at the end, “Mmm… maybe… yes.”‘

The story, about a woman who is  given a very kinky present by her work colleagues, was inspired when I was walking up the City Road one morning and saw someone being guided, blindfolded, into the back of a taxi. If you want to find out how her adventure progressed from there, in my mind at least, as well as sampling a collection of beautifully crafted stories from talented writers including Charlotte Stein, Jacqueline Ashbee and Donna George Storey, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or via Amazon.  Hopefully they’re selling fast!

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