Slaving Away

Regular readers of this blog (hello to all of you!) may have realised that I really enjoy writing fiction exploring BDSM themes. Not that good old-fashioned vanilla sex isn’t fun to write about, too, but there’s plenty more to get your teeth into when you’re considering why a character might choose to submit to their partner, or the thrill to be gained from spanking someone’s bottom. And sometimes it’s nice to write stories covering these topics that don’t necessarily come wrapped up with a ‘happy ever after’ or even ‘happy for now’ ending, or feature characters, such as tranny maids or participants in an adult school scenario, who tend not to have a place at the more romantic end of the erotic spectrum.

Fortunately, I was given an opportunity to do exactly that with Take Your Slave To Work Day, a collection of a dozen discipline and restraint-themed stories that’s just been published by Sizzler Editions, under the guidance of renowned erotic author and editor (and all-round nice guy) M. Christian. To give you a flavour of what’s contained in the collection, the title story features Hope, who’s happily settled in a long-term relationship with her mistress and former boss. Her days have a strict framework that never changes – until the morning she’s told to dress in her old work clothes and taken back to the office to be put through her paces in front of her former colleagues…

Bondage more your thing? Then try Local Boy Makes Bad. Looking for guests to spice up her weekly podcast, journalist Holly starts reading the autobiography of adult film director Jay Ryder and is immediately intrigued. When Jay realises her desire to learn more about bondage might be down to more than professional interest, he’s happy to give her a very hands-on demonstration.

I couldn’t put together a book like this without a spot of M/M interaction, and in Remodeling, Jack is inspired by his neighbour’s tale of turning his basement into a den for his teenage daughter (I have to admit here I based that part of the story on a friend who did just that for his own daughter, and finds it very amusing that I could take the information and use it as the starting point for an erotic adventure). Jack decides his own basement is ripe for turning into a playroom – only he’s got more adult toys in mind. He hires his old friend, Dan, to do the work – but he never expects that Dan will turn out to be a more than willing guinea pig to christen his new dungeon…

As for the tranny maid I mentioned, she’s called Tulip, and in Tulip Serves Tea she’s expected to cater to the needs of her mistress and two fellow pro dommes who’ve been invited round for afternoon tea – and woe betide her if she makes any mistakes while serving them.

Other stories include an academy for discipling spoiled rich celebutantes, a Thirties Boys’ Own style adventure featuring a dashing archaeologist, and a warning against forgetting to buy your mistress a suitably lavish Valentine’s Day gift. If this sounds like your idea of a spanking good read, Take Your Slave To Work Day is available from the Adult Ebook Shop.


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