Uniform Desires

Slip into your French maid’s outfit and pay attention! The Uniform Behaviour anthology is now available, and you’ll be pleased to know that first-time editor Lucy Felthouse has done a darn good job of selecting stories that cover a wide range of uniforms and fantasies.

Rebecca Bond’s Fireman’s Lift is, as the title might lead you to guess, the tale of what happens when a middle-aged divorcee finds herself stuck in a lift with her hunky young neighbour, who just so happens to be a fireman on the way back from a call.

In Lexie Bay’s In Love And War, Anna finds a wounded Russian airman hiding in the family barn. Even though she’s putting herself in danger, she nurses him back to health, but it’s lust as much as a desire to see him safe that fuels her actions.

Humble officer cleaner Emma, in Victoria Blisse’s Dirty Deeds, is more than happy to take on extra work at the home of handsome Mr Holloway. She has the naughtiest fantasies about him as she cleans, but she never expects what will happen when an accident leaves her doing the chores in nothng but her harlequin-patterned tabard…

Editor Lucy’s own contribution is Just Couldn’t Wait. The boring press launch Carla is forced to attend is brightened up by the appearance of a cute waiter. He looks so prim and proper in his outfit she can’t wait to corrupt him, and luckily for her, he’s more than willing to be corrupted.

They say all the nice girls love a sailor, and that’s definitely the case with Philomena, in Shermaine Williams’ Crest Of A Wave. Just one glimpse of Captain Fraser’s tight white sailor suit and she’s ready to do something nautical but nice.

The second offering from Rebecca Bond, Sin City, is one of the stories in the collection told from the point of view of someone in uniform. A simple police pursuit turns into an erotic game of domination and submission as a female officer finds herself in the grasp of a perp who knows just what to do with a pair of handcuffs.

The Captain’s Persuasion by Delyth Angharad is a steamy slice of speculative fiction. When Aja Anderson joins Captain Dex’s squadron, he’s surprised to learn his newest pilot is a psion, even though her powers give her an unearthly sense of control of her plane. To his delight, she’s not just an ace in space, she’s pretty special between the sheets, too…

In Justine Elyot’s Guard Mounting, Annie is delighted to discover the man she collides with while jogging is one of the Queen’s Guard. Making a date to see him later, she can’t believe he’s smuggled his uniform out of barracks so he can model it for her, but the results are well worth it.

Cassandra Carr’s Circling is the short but sweet tale of what happens when two members of staff at the same cocktail bar finally act on the long-standing but unspoken attraction between the two of them, while Indigo Skye’s True Confession takes us into the confessional box for Charlotte’s seductive encounter with a priest.

Madeline Elayne’s Weight Of Duty is set against the backdrop of a military tattoo, where an artillery man setting up for the show gets down and dirty with cute little drummer girl Lisa.

Judy, in Hawthorn’s Venus, has booked herself on a cruise to get over her recent divorce. The trip sees her gradually coming out of her shell, aided by handsome cabin steward Matthew.

On Manoeuvres is written by Jack Delaney, who’s actually a serving soldier. The story is a fictional escapade involving Jack and Sarah, a sergeant in his regiment, who find a few interesting ways of raising each other’s morale.

In Lexie Bay’s Taken With Consent, Maddy is stuck in a police station, waiting for her brother to be released from a cell after another drink-induced offence. Fortunately, there’s a sexy desk sergeant on hand to take down her particulars…

Lingua Acutus is another army-based tale, written by Craig J. Sorensen, another writer with experience of being in the military. Transferred to a new detail, Private Wills finds himself at the mercy of a female Drill Sergeant. Sergeant Beecham is determined to keep his smart mouth in check – or, better yet, use it to provide her with a spot of pleasure…

As for my story, Strictly No Parking, it’s one for all of you who like big security guards, particularly ones who decide to mete out a good spanking to the naughty woman who leaves her car in someone else’s designated parking spot.

Uniform Behaviour is an excellent addition to the ranks of fiction for uniform fans and those with authority figure fetishes. With writers of the calibre of Justine Elyot, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse and Craig J. Sorensen, you know you’re going to get a selection of quality stories, but the contributions from the newcomers and lesser-known authors don’t disappoint. Weight Of Duty stands out as the most thought-provoking contribution, examining the attitude of the general public towards the armed forces and the sacrifices made by fighting men, while Venus is deliciously poignant in its depiction of a woman learning to enjoy life – and sex – again after years of being with a controlling husband. Elsewhere, the emphasis is very much on lust, whether in a one-off encounter or as part of something longer lasting, but what’s wrong with that?

With part of the royalties going to the Help For Heroes charity, you know you’ll be aiding a worthwhile cause as well as enjoying a good, horny read. Uniform Behaviour is available now from Amazon and All Romance e-books.

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