And Speaking Of Seasonal Naughtiness…

…Torquere Press have been releasing some great Holiday Sips short stories in the last few weeks, and whether your tastes run to naughty or nice, they have something to suit you. I have a story on the ‘nice’ side of the divide, Mistletoe And Wine. And no, it has nothing to do with Sir Cliff Richard…

Instead, it tells what happens when Ryan goes to a Christmas party hoping to hook up with the man of his dreams. Fate pairs him with the luscious Luke on a seasonal scavenger hunt, but a mishap with a glass of red wine leaves Ryan naked in a laundromat, waiting for his rented angel costume to go through the wash cycle, which is when the fun really starts.

Here’s a taster for you:

Johnny reached into the bowl once more. Most of the names had already been chosen; only four of us were left to arrange into pairs. “Ryan Stevens.” I looked round at the sound of my own name, knowing exactly who I wanted to be paired with, but certain it wouldn’t happen. “And — Luke Benedict.”

I could have kissed Johnny. Luke had been the subject of all my hottest, naughtiest fantasies since the first morning his blue eyes had smiled at me from the other side of the coffee shop counter. I’d quickly learned his regular order — tall, skinny latte with a vanilla shot -and soon picked up on his personal details. He worked for a small but highly respected web design company, had recently moved here from Boston, rode a motorcycle, played a lot of basketball, and listened to heavy rock music to relax. Most importantly, there was no one special in his life. Just the kind of guy I could spend my quality time with.

At night, I would lie in bed and dream that Luke asked me to drizzle his favorite vanilla syrup over his naked chest and stomach. The sweet, sticky liquid would pool in the hollow of his belly button, and I would lick up every last drop with the point of my tongue, before moving down to lap at his thick, rapidly swelling cock…

Intrigued? You can find out more, and read another spicy little extract, here. On the other hand, if your Christmas really isn’t complete without Sir Cliff, follow this link to the original Mistletoe And Wine

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