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I had a nice little present in my inbox yesterday – this gorgeous cover, courtesy of Muse designer Delilah K. Stephens, for my forthcoming paranormal short story The Face In The Glass:

If you want to know more about what’s happening in that crystal ball, check here for further teasers and updates in the New Year…

Elsewhere, I’ve had a nice little review of my current MuseItHOT! release, Be Good To Your Elf, from Kay Dee Royal, whose erotic werewolf adventure, Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, looks like it’s going to be something to get your teeth into. She writes:

What happens when Maddie has to spend Christmas vacation alone in her dorm? She makes her own Christmas as Santa’s helper, and it turns even better when sexy elf Tyler comes on board at the grotto.

Ms. Coldwell introduces the Christmas Spirit when Maddie decides to make the most of her situation. Then Ms. Coldwell captures the Joy of Christmas when Tyler and Maddie figure out there is joy in the holiday after all.

This is a sweet and spicy short-short Christmas Story.

So, if you’re looking for a quick, feel good, hot romance for the holiday season, this one is entertaining. You’ll never think of an Elf the same way again, nor the Magic of the Season.

You can treat your elf at the MuseItHOT! bookstore.  Well, it is Christmas…

One thought on “Muse News

  1. Kay Dee says:

    I really like the cover of your newest book, Liz. Delilah truly is the book cover Goddess. Congratulations on The Face In The Glass.

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