Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

Working in the adult magazine industry for as long as I did, I got to meet some really interesting and talented people, many of them on a mission to increase the sexual knowledge and enjoyment of the average person. One of those was German-born filmmaker, Petra Joy. Petra is a true one-off – feisty, intelligent, kind-hearted and with a strong desire to help women appreciate their bodies and feel comfortable with giving and receiving pleasure. Her films, Sexual Sushi, Female Fantasies and Feeling It, are all shot from a female perspective, and because she’s making them independently, she’s free of the commercial constraints which can water down the vision of other female porn directors.  The productions feature real couples and genuine orgasms, and the scenarios she’s covered range from a man enjoying some ‘private time’ in a shower to a group of women ordering a gift-wrapped man for their pleasure in an upmarket club to some strap-on shenanigans in a public bathroom. Not your usual porno, though Petra provides that, too, as an extra on her films, parodying one of the scenes you’ve already seen with lots of fake moaning, hair tossing and unrealistic climaxes.

Petra has also been responsible for Strawberry Seductress, a boudoir photography service for women and couples that lets them act out favourite fantasies for the camera. Other similar services have sprung up since, but Petra remains the original.

A while ago, Petra asked me if I’d like to provide a story for her website, based on some of her photos. I’d always been taken with a set of a flame-haired girl posing in a large trunk, and those photos were the inspiration for The Magician’s Box. Poppy is bored at a magic show, but when she’s asked up on stage to take part in one of the tricks, she enters a world that could either be a delicious illusion or one of the most erotic experiences of her life…

You’ll find the story here. Enjoy, and have a very happy Christmas/Saturnalia/holiday of your choosing!


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