Sunday Quickie

In keeping with a growing trend for offering a sneak story preview at weekends (see Roseanne Dowell’s Six-line Sunday for a sweet, romantic example from the MuseItUp stable), here’s more of a Sunday roast for you. It’s the opening paragraph from Police Dogging, my contribution to Rachel Kramer Bussel’s forthcoming Gotta Have It: 69 Stories Of Sudden Sex, due out in March. Because I know you’re all keen to learn where authors find their inspiration, the first sentences came as I was leaving a football ground (possibly Sincil Bank in Lincoln, there were lots of policeman around that day!) last season. Not that I would ever look at large, well-built, imposing PCs as anything other than committed upholders of law and order, of course…

It’s not my imagination. Police officers really are getting younger – and hotter. Not that I should be noticing the incredibly blue eyes beneath the peaked uniform cap, or the broad shoulders leaning in the car window as he orders me to wind it down further. I should be scrambling off my husband’s lap and pulling the straps of my dress back up over my shoulders, not letting them dangle so this handsome policeman gets a perfect view of my big, bare tits with their lust-crinkled nipples. Everyone says they’re my best feature, and this man certainly agrees, if the way his gaze keeps flickering down from my face is any indication.

If that’s whetted your appetite for finding out what happens next – and reading 68 more short and spicy stories from some of the best-known names in erotic fiction – Gotta Have It is available to pre-order from Amazon or your local fave purveyor of naughty fiction. And keep your eyes peeled for more quickies on future Sundays!


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