Sunday Quickie

If you’re still feeling the winter chill, maybe you need something to transport you to the warm days of summer, filled with sun, sea, sand – and a sexually inventive magician. I’ve dipped into the Ravenous Beach Boys collection, edited by Sèphera Girón, which puts tales of all-male lust in steamy seaside settings, for an extract from my story Binding Tenancy. Shy single illustrator Neil has let his spare room to stage magician PJ Steadman, unaware that the tricks PJ is working on in Neil’s cellar are about to bring the two of them much closer. PJ has produced an illusion involving a black-painted, X-shaped cross, and he needs a volunteer to test it out. That’s where Neil comes in…

“I’m going to try out a couple of knots on you.” As he spoke, I felt him looping the ropes around one of my wrists, then the other, fastening me to the cross. “I need to know which one is best when I have a volunteer on this thing. You see, some look very secure, but they’re really easy to escape from. Just give that a little tug for me, will you?”

I did as he asked, and realized that with almost no effort at all, I had managed to loose myself from my bindings. PJ pressed my wrists back to the cross and started tying them in place once more.

“Now,” he said, a smile spreading slowly across his face, “only an extra hitch makes so much difference. Try it again for me.”

To find out what happens when Neil discovers quite how secure his bondage is, and to enjoy sizzling stories by Jen Bluekissed, Derek Clendening and Brandi Woodlawn among others, take a look at Beach Boys, available from Ravenous Romance. And come back for quickies in the weeks to come!

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