Sunday Quickie

Ever had a hot man walk into your place of work and realised the two of you are going to be working together very closely? This week’s quickie sets up just that scenario. It’s from Something Within Him, my contribution to the Total-e-bound Cougars And Cubs collection, released tomorrow as a standalone story.

Magazine editor Kate Mellanby has rather reluctantly agreed to take on Stephen as an intern, on the recommendation of her best friend. The last student she offered work experience to turned out to to be cocky and difficult to deal with. Stephen is anything but:

“Kate? Nice to meet you. I’m Stephen.”

I stopped in my tracks. Whatever I had been expecting, it wasn’t this. Now, I’m no believer in love at first sight. You can’t really love someone until you’ve taken the time to learn all their little foibles, their likes and dislikes, the habits you can learn to live with and those which will, given enough time, drive you quietly insane. Lust is a different matter. Lust has no subtlety, no need for getting to know someone. It just grabs hold of your pussy and gives it a good, hard squeeze. And that’s exactly how I felt as I looked at Stephen.

Six foot tall and sturdily built. Dirty-blond hair, blue eyes, the merest hint of stubble on his chin and a smile that hit me right between the legs. How had I managed to completely avoid discovering the existence of this gorgeous young man? As he took my hand in his, I made a mental note never again to delete Suzanna’s e-mails without reading them properly.

So what happens when Kate finds herself taking Stephen on a press trip to Amsterdam, a city where the erotic is part of the everyday experience and two people can give in to the temptation to indulge all their deepest sexual desires, irrespective of the age difference between them? Something Within Him is available from Total-e-bound. It’s one of my personal favourite stories, because who doesn’t love the chance to unleash their inner cougar?

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