Sunday Quickie

This weekend’s snippet is a tasty peek at The Party Platter, my story in the new Xcite lesbian e-anthology, Voluptuous.  Out-of-work actress needs cash fast, and a scheme her friend, Karen, is proposing seems to fit the bill. Roseanne is curious to find out more:

“So tell me exactly what I’d have to do,” I said, as the waiter cleared away our empty glasses and I hunted in my coat pockets for enough change to pay my share of the bill.

“You’d be acting as a human platter.” Karen lowered her voice, aware the waiter appeared to be lingering to eavesdrop on our conversation. Clearly she didn’t find him cute, otherwise she‟d be teasing him with all the juicy details. “You lie there naked, and they decorate you with food, then the guests get to pick it off.”

So will Roseanne go for it? What will happen if she does? And who gets to wash up afterwards? Some, if not all of those questions are answered in Voluptuous – and for those of you who never find a quickie is enough, I’ll be revealing more about the anthology as a whole in the coming days. In the meantime, happy nibbling!



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