Sunday Quickie

The deliciously subversive cartoon series Animaniacs once did a wicked Michael Bolton spoof, When A Man Loves Himself. That also sounds like it could be a tasty follow-up to the collection from which this week’s Sunday Quickie comes to you. When A Man Loves A Man features twenty m/m short stories with characters as diverse as private eyes and lifeguards, First World War soldiers and prison guards. My story, Driven To It, may very well have been inspired by my love for hot footballers, dealing as it does with star striker Jordan Kennedy, who finds himself earning a driving ban and being reduced to hiring a chauffeur to take him to and from training. Things start to look up when the chauffeur, Callum, arrives:

Whatever I’d been expecting, it wasn’t the man who knocked on the door to my apartment. I Soberly dressed in a charcoal grey suit, Callum was maybe a couple of years younger than my own twenty-seven. His dirty-blond fringe fell into his brown eyes, his lips were set in a sensual pout and he had the broad-shouldered build of a swimmer, rather than the flabby physique of someone who spent all day behind a steering wheel. He couldn’t have been more designed to push all my buttons if I’d given the woman at Executive Driving Services a photo-fit of my ideal man.

Not that Callum knew I was gay. No one did. Keeping my true sexuality secret was a constant battle, but I knew there was no way I could come out; not to my team-mates and certainly not to the press. The abuse I’d get from rival fans would be horrific, and I’d always be living with the thought that some of the lads in the changing room were viewing me differently from then on, expecting me to jump their bones in the shower. So I kept as low a profile as it could when it came to matters of my personal life – appearances in court for driving offences notwithstanding – and hoped no one would pay too much attention to the fact I very rarely appeared in public with a female companion.

However, Jordan and Callum quickly start rubbing each other up the wrong way, and things between them look like they’re going to become even frostier when Callum takes his client on an unexpected detour…

To find out how they resolve their differences, and read stories by the likes of Landon Dixon, Heidi Champa, Sommer Marsden, Garland and JL Merrow, get hold of When A Man Loves A Man, available from Xcite or your local purveyor of erotic books. And relax, it’s entirely Michael Bolton free!


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