Sunday Quickie

So how shall I spoil you all this fine spring Sunday? How about a glimpse into the world of a very demanding pop diva? The singer in question is Talia, and she appears in After The Show, from the Xcite Cocktales anthology Kiss In The Dark. Forget being constantly surrounded by puppies and kittens, as Mariah Carey is claimed to have requested; Talia’s desires are far more grown up, and her PA, Hayley, is expected to satisfy them:

If she had known just how much would be demanded in her role as personal assistant, would she have taken the
job in the first place? It was a question Hayley often asked herself, and as yet she had never found a satisfactory answer. There was undeniably a certain cachet which came with working for a woman so universally famous she was referred to only by her first name, but all those who envied Hayley for her glamorous position might change their mind if they knew just what her boss regularly demanded of her.

She had been perfectly prepared to accommodate any number of diva-ish demands, whether that was ensuring every hotel bed Talia slept in was made up with four hundred thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, or having the dressing room at every concert venue where she performed repainted in Talia’s favourite shade of soothing dove grey. That came with the territory. What she hadn’t expected was the singer’s insistence that Hayley supply her with her after-show sex partner.

So what happens when Hayley grows tired of finding lovers for her boss, and decides to give her an experience she’s never had before, one that will teach the spoiled diva that she needs to respect her put-upon assistant? Find out in Kiss In The Dark, which also contains short stories from a very talented selection of writers including Rachel Kramer Bussel, Charlotte Stein, Fulani, Sommer Marsden and Giselle Renarde. Just the thing to enjoy on a lazy afternoon…

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