Sunday Quickie

And so to bed… The clocks have gone forward and I haven’t quite caught up with the missing hour yet. To send you all on the way to sweet sleep, here’s a snippet from Her Dream Lovers, my Total-e-bound Lust Bite with a paranormal flavour. Vanessa is hooked up to the machines in Dr. Hector’s research lab, trying to provide insight into the mechanism of pre-cognitive dreams. But instead, her subconscious shows her meeting a gorgeous stranger in a bar:

I turned to decline his offer—even in dreams, I’m not a great drinker—and found myself meeting the gaze of the most handsome man I’d seen in ages. His glossy brown hair fell to his collar, and startlingly green eyes smiled at me above a long, straight nose and soft, almost feminine mouth. Pure lust shot through me as I registered the desire in his gaze.

I spared Dr. Hector the small talk which passed between us, the conversation designed simply to fill the time until we finished our drinks and I let him take me to bed. Instead, I cut to the point where I slipped my bag over my shoulder and he guided me to the door, his big hand resting possessively in the small of my back.

Outside, a light, irritating drizzle was falling. My new friend hailed a black cab and within moments we were pulling up outside his home. We were barely inside the front door before I was in his arms, our mouths meeting in a fierce kiss. Without warning, he scooped me up and carried me to his bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, he ripped off my underwear and thrust his mouth between my legs, licking me till I was weak with the pleasure of it.

Again, I decided not to reveal just how good it had felt as he tantalised my clit while burrowing his finger up into my pussy, or give a full description of the way he stripped to reveal a gym-honed body and thick, hard cock. The research team didn’t really need to know the positions he had manoeuvered me into as we fucked, or that I’d had a powerful orgasm before my lover finally exploded in his own climax.

To find out what happens when Vanessa discovers the man of her dreams really does exist – and has an equally sexy other half who’s more than willing to take part in some threesome fun – slip between the covers of Her Dream Lovers. And may all your dreams be equally pleasant ones…


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