Sunday Quickie

Time for a bit of hot man-on-man action this Sunday, I think. Let me take you between the covers of His. Sean Bradley just can’t seem to find the right man, until he accepts an invitation to visit Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town. It’s a place where the punters are entertained by mixed martial arts fighters getting down and dirty, and Sean’s never seen anything quite like it – or its enigmatic owner, Dante Capello. Dante recognises a need in Sean – a need that’s awakened when he follows Dante down to the basement of the club and through a black-painted door:

A single overhead cast a soft red glow over the room. Arranged on the walls were racks of whips, canes and other instruments I couldn’t put a name to. A large wooden X-shaped cross stood in the far corner. Even though I was fairly sure I knew what I was looking at, I still asked,’What is this place?’

‘Some might call it a dungeon,’ Dante replied. ‘I prefer the term playroom.’ He wandered into the centre of the room, pausing by a high stool with a padded leather top. ‘This is where I enjoy my private time.’

I didn’t know how to react. I was aware people had these secret dungeons, and I’d heard about the type of games they played, but I’d never thought I’d actually find myself in one. Until tonight, dominance, submission and corporal punishment had just been stories I‟d seen in magazines. Stories that had got me so excited I’d had to stroke my cock as I read about some young stud bending to the whim of his stern, arrogant master, but ones rooted purely in fantasy – or so I’d thought.

Now my mind was racing, trying the term ‘master’ for size as I looked at Dante.

Has Sean found his dream master, or will Dante’s reluctance to take on a long-term slave get in the way? The answers – along with plenty of BDSM action – can be found in His, available in e-book form from Xcite Books.

Look out for another saucy snippet next Sunday!


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