Sunday Quickie

With Easter not too far away now, you may be planning to get away from it all, so this week’s extract will get you in the mood for a very pleasant flight. It’s from Game In The Sky, my story from Rachel Kramer Bussel’s The Mile High Club anthology. With a name like that, you know all the stories are going to be about the fun you can have mid-air – and they’re way more inventive than simply having sex in the toilets. In this case, the narrator’s husband, who loves to play kinky sex games wherever he is, has designed a spot of in-flight roleplaying to help pass the time, and it begins when he handcuffs her wrist to the arm rest:

“So what is this game, exactly?” I asked, starting to become intrigued despite myself.

“Well, you’re a jewel thief who skipped bail and fled the country, and I’m the detective who’s tracked you down and is taking you back to face justice. Hence the handcuffs. I want to make sure you can’t go anywhere without my say-so.”

I was impressed. Sam had clearly been thinking about this in some detail, and with his floppy dark hair, stubbled chin and crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes, he looked as though he could be the kind of world-weary detective who was prepared to dispense his own unique brand of justice.

“But what if I have to go to the bathroom?” I said.

“I told you, you don’t go anywhere without my say-so. I could make you wait till we land. Or I could accompany you into the cubicle. But I might be a gentleman and decide not to watch.” Sam grinned, a feral, sexy grin that made my pussy tingle. “But that’s not your immediate problem. You see, I know you’ve still got some of the jewellery from your last heist stashed away somewhere very secret, and I’m going to use this flight as an opportunity to find it.”

That’s only the start of the excitement, as you’ll discover. The Mile High Club also contains stories by such stellar names as Alison Tyler, Thomas S. Roche, Jeremy Edwards, Donna George Storey and Geneva King and is available from Amazon, among other places. Take a copy on your next trip – it’ll be much more fun than reading the in-flight magazine…


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