The Reviewer And The Reviewed

I’ve spread my wings and joined the team of book reviewers at Sassy Brit’s The hard-working Sassy offers an extensive review and promo service to authors of erotic romance, urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers and more, along with interviews, a weekly blog hop tour and regular cover awards, and is well worth checking out whether you’re an author looking to get your name out to more people or a reader who wants to know about the best in genre fiction. The first book I’ve cast my critical eye over is Wylie Kinson’s Last Temptation, the tale of an angel and a demon fighting to win the soul of a suicidal war veteran which manages to be much more witty and uplifting than that brief outline makes it sound. You can find the review here.

Meanwhile, one of my own stories has had a nice review in the latest Total-E-Bound newsletter. Maggi Sherwin, the author of Pure Silk, read my romantic suspense novella with an Italian background, Missing In Milan, and called it ‘neatly plotted’, ‘enjoyable’ and ‘satisfying’. Thanks, Maggi! Read the full review, along with all the other goodies in the newsletter, including details of new releases, Kaenar Langford discussing the erotic allure of footwear, an exclusive short story by Nichelle Gregory and Victoria Blisse’s scrummy recipe for chocolate Easter Egg nests  here. Shoes, chocolate and quality erotic romance – now that’s a combination you can’t refuse!

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