Sunday Quickie

It’s back to the Sixties this Sunday, for a slice of menage action set in Swinging London. The story is Snap Decision, from Ravenous Romance’s Once Upon A Threesome anthology, and it’s told from the point of view of top fashion photographer Morgan, who finds potential models in the most happening boutique on Carnaby Street, Medusa. His latest discovery, Fawn, has arrived for a photo shoot – with her boyfriend cum manager, Anton, in tow. Morgan’s a little discomfited by Anton’s presence, but that’s all about to change as the shoot gets under way:

“Let’s take a few more,” he decided, feeling a mood had been created between himself and his model which he needed to make the most of. “I’ve got a few outfits hanging on that rail over there. Why don’t you find something you like and go change in the bathroom?”

Fawn quickly rifled through the hangers and selected a couple of items. As Morgan bent over to pick a fresh roll of film from his bag, he had the strangest sensation, as though Anton was staring at his arse. He glanced over his shoulder to see the other man smiling at him. Was it possible he swung both ways? The establishment might frown on such couplings—indeed, gay sex had been illegal until very recently, and men had gone to prison for daring to indulge their passions—but everyone knew they took place. So what if Anton was into men as well as women? If he was honest, he quite liked the idea of being an object of admiration for this louche stranger. With his auburn head of corkscrew curls, sleepy brown eyes and androgynous good looks, it shouldn’t surprise him if guys found him just as attractive as girls did. A sudden strut in his step, he slotted the film into his camera and waited for Fawn to reappear.

So what happens when the shoot recommences, with Fawn wearing the most revealing item on Morgan’s rack of costumes? Find out by getting hold of Once Upon A Threesome, available from the revamped and ravishing Ravenous site, which features stories encompassing everything from an alternative take on the story of Barabbas to double dealings in the French Resistance to a free love encounter at the Woodstock festival. Studying history was never so entertaining!

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