Sunday Quickie

Apologies if it’s raining where you are, but we’ve been sizzling in an unexpected heatwave all week, and to fit the mood, this week’s quickie promises the delights of sex on the beach. The Golden Hour, available to read on the ever-excellent Oysters And Chocolate website, tells what happens when Jodie, searching for the perfect location to film a beach scene, finds what she thinks is the perfect stretch of sand, only to spot a lone jogger. What happens next piques her voyeuristic instinct:

As I continued to watch, the stranger began to peel out of his tracksuit. My first thought was to wonder how he could bear to take anything off on such a cold afternoon. My second, as the shapeless top was thrown to the floor to reveal a smooth, bare chest, was what an incredible body he had. I focused on him through my viewfinder, zooming in to take a closer look. I wouldn’t exactly have described him as handsome – his features were a little too sharp for that, and he had a scruffy growth of stubble on his chin. Most definitely not the skinny, pretty boy type who usually attracted me. But the muscles in his arms and chest were perfectly defined and, given the opportunity, I could happily have run my tongue along the ridges of his abs.

He reached for the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms. That was the moment at which I should have walked back to the car and gone on my way. But a voyeuristic streak, that I hadn’t even known I possessed until now, had kicked in hard. I was suddenly anxious to discover what – if anything – he was wearing beneath them. It wasn’t long before I had my answer: a tightly fitting pair of white trunk-style underwear. Even at this distance, I could see how the fabric clung to the outline of what appeared to be a fairly hefty cock. Forget the beach: this was the perfect view I’d searched all day to find.

And that’s only the start of the stranger’s exhibitionistic performance. You can read the whole story here. And in the meantime, somebody pass the sunblock…

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