How Far Is Too Far?

So how far would you go to get my work noticed? That’s the question being posed on this week’s Alternative-read blog hop. Well, in my days on Forum, I must have been on just about every TV show that involved people on sofas shouting at each other about the topics of the week. Central Weekend, Kilroy, The Time, The Place… You name it, I probably turned up there defending top-shelf magazines against those who wanted to see them bagged, banned or otherwise dealt with, and who didn’t believe that things are okay as long as they’re perfomed by consenting adults. I tangled with Germaine Greer, appeared in my nightwear alongside a pre-fame, pre-Jordan Peter Andre and had Robert Kilroy-Silk’s hand on my knee (don’t worry, it was all part of his audience warm-up routine… I hope!). I got plenty of publicity for the magazine, and the producers usually got a nice stand-up row between panel members and audience, which was what they wanted.

So now I’m writing fiction, would I do the same kind of thing if it meant getting my name, and my work, in front of the book-buying public? You betcha! Of course, most of those shows bit the dust years ago, replaced by Trisha and Jeremy Kyle and their parade of warring families and DNA tests. And taking a lie detector test is where I draw the line. But if anyone out there has any other great publicity-seeking ideas, I’d love to hear them!

6 thoughts on “How Far Is Too Far?

  1. LOL You know Robert Kilroy-Silk’s hand on my knee routine is NOT part of his ‘act’ ROFL Is he still alive?

    I think Extreme Writing is the way to go! Remember, you heard it over here first! lol



  2. OOOh forgot to say… Those shows were a good way to get promoted whilst appearing not to be trying, but you are right, they have changed a lot – it’s not quite the same anymore. Everything is much more Jerry Spring now LOL

  3. lprobinson64 says:

    I hear you should be able to on on Oprah Winfrey show if you go to her website and find a topic you want to go on tv for. should be able to get yourself promoted there. I’m too backward to go on tv.

  4. Wow. Wish I had your confidence! I’m afraid to do talk radio. Blogs are even a challenge…

  5. Megan Johns says:

    Sounds like you’ve had some colourful career experiences, Elizabeth.

  6. Cate Masters says:

    I don’t have the gift of gab, unfortunately – I’d freeze in front of a camera. But I’d love for a talk show host to plug my book, lol

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