Sunday Quickie

Here’s a little slice of fem dom to guide you through what’s left of your Sunday, or ease your post-Eurovision hangover…

Looking After Liam comes from the Xcite Cocktales anthology All Night Long. Marina is convinced that beneath the brash, arrogant surface of her old school friend Liam lies the perfect submissive – he just hasn’t realised it yet. She hatches a plan which she’s sure will see him end the night grovelling happily at her feet, and

We arranged ourselves at the table so that Liam was sitting between Zoe and Claire. As we talked, I watched his eyes darting from Zoe’s perfect profile to Claire’s full lips, shining wetly with a layer of pink gloss. I couldn’t help but notice, though, that he was having trouble keeping his gaze away from my cleavage, which was even more prominent than usual thanks to the push-up bra I was wearing. ‘Staring is disrespectful,’ I wanted to tell him. ‘A good slave keeps his eyes cast down, and only looks at his mistress’ beauty when commanded.’ But we weren’t mistress and slave, not yet. We were just two people who had known each other for a long time but never been anything more than acquaintances. If that was ever to change, it would be tonight.

So what can three lusty women do to make a man worship them in the most delightful ways? Find out by picking up a copy of All Night Long, which also includes stories from a fine selection of authors including Giselle Renarde, Charlotte Stein, Kay Jaybee and Chrissie Bentley. It’s available from the Xcite bookstore, and it’s definitely worth douze points!


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