Bottoms Up!

Here’s a bit of Monday morning sauciness for you all – the cover of the latest Xcite e-antho in which one of my stories appears.

You can check out full details on the book at the Xcite site, where you can also read an extract from the story, and as they’ve done the hard work in that respect, I thought I’d share something a little different with you today. So, to put some fizz into proceedings (and in no way inspired by a Saturday night in watching that James Spader classic Bad Influence with a glass of something sparkly to hand…), here are my six favourite ways to drink champagne:

1) Straight up – the better quality the vintage, why dilute it with anything else? Try pink champagne for variety. Go on, you know you want to…

2) With orange juice. I say Buck’s Fizz, you say Mimosa – let’s settle the argument over a glass or two.

3) With cassis, for a classic Kir Royale. It reminds me of drinking in the bar of the Algonquin in New York, attempting to unleash my inner Dorothy Parker.

4) With peach juice, better known as a Bellini. To be frunk while discussing old Kids In The Hall sketches. For those who never saw this anarchic Canadian comedy series, here’s their Girl Drink Drunk sketch, to give you a flavour of their particular brand of madness. They also once ran a contest on the show where the prize was an opportunity to touch occasional cast member Paul Bellini, hence the connection…

5) With Frangelico. This hazelnut liqueur is supposed to have been created by monks. True or not, the combination is still heavenly (sorry!).

6) With gingerbread syrup. Nigella Lawson calls this ‘Christmas in a glass’, and the mention of Nigella brings us back to amply-bottomed beauties, which is where we came in, I believe. Cheers!


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