Paradise Found

I’m back from a week in Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities for finding inspiration. But before I bury myself in writing the novella this trip gave me the idea for, here’s a quick catch-up on one that came out while I was away. Stranded In Paradise is one for those of you who like romance between a young guy in a strange predicament and the hot older man (and is the new term for this really jackal? Sounds like a bit of a dog to me…) who comes to his aid.

This is the rather saucy cover:

This is the blurb:

Alfie Crane accepts a lift from Boston to San Francisco from fellow college student Brad as he’s too broke to take the bus. When they argue, he finds himself being thrown out of the car with only his wallet and the clothes he stands up in. After walking for miles, he reaches the tiny town of Paradise, Nebraska. He is desperate for help, and is taken in by diner owner Ray Rendell, who’s looking for a new bus boy. Ray has always hidden his true sexuality, afraid of the reaction of family and townsfolk alike, but he’s strongly attracted to the cute young Englishman. Romance begins to blossom between the two as Alfie settles in to the slow, easy pace of small-town life. When Ray is threatened in a hold-up, Alfie realises just how much the older man means to him. But can they really find paradise together?

And this is the moment when Ray comes to Alfie’s rescue:

Ray had already shut the diner for the night when he heard the banging on the door. ‘We’re closed!’ he yelled, pausing in the act of emptying the cash register. His opening hours were clearly stated on a sign in the window; if anyone wanted a meal outside those hours, there was the all-night place over in Aurora, five minutes’ drive down the road.

Whoever was outside was persistent, he’d give them that. Eventually, he went to see just who wasn’t capable of taking of a hint. Expecting some impatient stoner with a bad case of the munchies and no idea of the time, he was instead greeted by a bedraggled boy who couldn’t have been more than 20, dressed in a T-shirt that had once been white but was now stained with dirt and sweat. His dark hair was tangled, and dried blood had crusted around his nose. Desperation glittered in his brown eyes, shielded by small, wire-framed glasses.

Had he been in a car wreck? Ray didn’t remember hearing sirens, but that could just mean no one had called 911 yet.

‘Do you have a phone I can use?’ The stranger spoke with an English accent, which really threw Ray for a loop.

‘Sure. Come in. Who do you need to call? Ambulance? Fire service? Anyone else hurt?’ Words tumbled from Ray’s mouth despite his attempts to remain calm. If the boy was injured and disorientated, it was important not to spook him further.

‘No, it’s nothing like that. My phone died and I …’ He swayed on his feet, as though he might faint. Ray ushered him inside, guided him to the nearest seat and went to get him a glass of tap water.

The boy swallowed it down in greedy gulps, looking a little brighter by the time he’d finished his drink. ‘Thanks very much.’

‘No problem.’ Ray said. ‘And now I think it’s time for some introductions. I’m Ray Rendell. Why don’t you tell me your name and give me some idea of what this is all about?’

To find out more, and read an X-rated excerpt, go to the Xcite Books bookstore. Now,  back to those sexy Dutch men…

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