Fancy A Freebie?

Then head over to the Xcite bookstore, where you can download my story from the Healthy Addictions e-book. Table Stakes tells what happens when journalist Casey, trying to complete an assignment about women with interesting kitchen tables, visits author Sienna Joy. Sienna’s table turns out to have some very special refinements, as befits a writer whose subject matter is girl-on-girl BDSM action. If you think the premise sounds unlikely, it was actually inspired by a request from a women’s magazine writer who genuinely was looking to interview women about things they keep on their tables. And fiction, of course, is only a little stranger than truth!

You can get a PDF copy of the story here, but with the rest of the collection including stories bythe very talented line-up of  Olivia London, Landon Dixon, KD Grace, Sommer Marsden and Eva Hore, you may just want to treat yourself to the whole book…


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