Sent Off For A Meaty Tackle…

A newspaper report that couldn’t fail to catch my eye was the story of Aaron Eccleston, an amateur footballer in Australia, who was shown a second yellow card in a game after the referee realised he had a Prince Albert piercing.  (Insert your own ‘off-the-ball incident’ joke here.) When I wrote a story for the Xcite Gay Love collection, Put A Ring On It, in which the football-playing narrator discovers his bset friend not only has exactly the same piercing but a delightfully dominant streak to go with it, I wondered if the idea might be a little unlikely. Now I realise I nailed it right on the – er – head…


One thought on “Sent Off For A Meaty Tackle…

  1. Butch says:

    What’s the problem with the piercing — why would that earn you a yellow card? It’s not like a Prince Albert is going to help you score… er… a goal, that is!

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