Everyone’s A Winner

For the second year running, Xcite Books picked up the Best Erotic Book Brand award at the ETO Awards, proving they’re more top notch than top shelf. To celebrate, they’re offering 50 per cent off a selected range of e-books throughout July, including the fabulously naughty Cocktales series. You can find out exactly which titles are available here.

No news, though, on whether my doppelganger was at the awards this year. While I was still on Forum, one of the ad staff came up to me one Monday morning, slapped a copy of the ETO magazine on my desk and asked whether I’d had a good time. Not knowing what Jo meant, I took a look at the picture and saw someone who looked incredibly like me on one of the tables. I’ve no idea who she was, but I’m sure she had a good time – and that incident was partly responsible for inspiring one of my favourite stories, The Weekend Of Living Dangerously, which appears in Black Lace’s The Affair collection. Which makes me wonder – what’s your lookalike up to right now?

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