Happy Yorkshire Day!

Today’s the day those of us from Yorkshire go up Ilkley Moor (baht ‘at, of course), give our whippets an extra-affectionate pat and celebrate coming from God’s own county. And over here in the Naughty Corner, that means celebrating some good old-fashioned Yorkshire totty. Actors, singers, sportsmen – we’ve got the lot. And if I’ve missed out your favourite Yorkshire boy, let me know!

Sean Bean

Andrew Lincoln

Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh

Ricky Wilson of The Kaiser Chiefs

Rick Savage and Joe Elliott, Def Leppard

David Coverdale, Whitesnake

Ryan Sidebottom, Yorkshire and England

David Stockdale, Fulham and (hopefully) England

2 thoughts on “Happy Yorkshire Day!

  1. Eee, by ‘eck! I love Yorkshire even though I’m from the wrong side of the Pennines!

  2. OHHHH, a lovely lot!
    THANKS for this!

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