Fun At The Festival Of Romance

A big hello to everyone I met at the Festival of Romance last weekend, especially all those of you who are thinking of entering the Xcite “Win A Publishing Contract” contest – hopefully you’ve had your thinking caps on, creating a juicy plot and some sympathetic,  believable characters who’ll leap off the page and just demand to appear in print.

Though I wasn’t able to stop for the whole of Saturday, I packed in plenty, from an early-morning appearance on the For Her Eyes Only panel alongside Xcite’s Antonia Adams and Lucy Felthouse, answering questions on the art of writing erotic romance. Then it was time to launch the writing contest alongside Antonia and Xcite supremo Hazel Cushion, before lunch, hosted by the very lovely Heidi and Laura from Total-e-bound and featuring a fashion parade in which authors appeared as the heroines of their own romance novels. It’s the first time I’ve been in the same room as Marilyn Monroe, a Regency lady of modest means, a kimono-clad geisha and a Love Dove (which actually looked more like an exceptionally funky chicken, but let’s not go there…) Rounding the day off, for me at least, was a panel on gay romance, featuring authors Josephine Myles, Stevie Carroll and Charlie Cochrane, and highlighting the challenges set for those writers who write historical novels, set in a time when society was much less accepting of gay relationships than it is now. It also probably had a few people trawling through the Internet slash fiction archives on Sunday, too!

If, like I did, you missed the Saturday night ball and the announcement of the readers’ romance awards, the winners are on the Festival of Romance community site. You can find out more about the Xcite novel contest here, and here’s looking forward to next year’s Festival…


2 thoughts on “Fun At The Festival Of Romance

  1. Love Quotes says:

    I have not heard of the Xcite conference before, since I am new to the romance writing scene. Is it “the” place to go for up and coming romance novelists?

    • For a new festival, it shows a lot of potential. Next year’s should be bigger and better – the romance community is growing, and anywhere that offers a chance to meet fellow authors and publishers and learn more about the genre should definitely be supported and encouraged.

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