Fingers Crossed…

…that the voting fairies will be kind, as the Total-e-Bound BDSM anthology Subspace, in which my story Away From It All appears, is in the list of nominations for best anthology of 2011 in the LoveRomancesCafe poll. I’ve never been a shameless begger of votes, but with such a talented line-up of authors providing the other stories in the anthology – Sierra Cartwright, Desiree Holt, Jan Irving, Justine Elyot and Mina Dorian – it’s got to be in with a good shout.

And speaking of Away From It All, it’s out this week as a single release, with this beautiful cover:

Want to know more about this tale of submission in the beautiful setting of a stately home spa (which may or may not bear a vague resemblance to somewhere I’ve stayed myself in the past – though sadly not with any guests as gorgeous and kinky as Drew, the hero of Away From It All). Well, here’s the blurb to whet your interest.

When the promotion Alyssa Morton worked so hard for goes to someone else, her friend, Kay, books them both into an exclusive spa for some serious pampering. Kay falls ill on the eve of the trip and Alyssa, tired of playing by the rules, decides to go on her own. The spa’s policy is to seat single guests at the same table, and she finds herself sharing her evening meal with handsome American actor, Drew Jefferies.

Drew recognises in Alyssa a submissive streak she’s never dared explore, and in the luxurious surroundings of the spa, free from distractions, he vows to teach her what it means to be dominated. He offers her a chance to give up responsibility, if only for a little while, and surrender to a loving, masterful man. By taking her into subspace, Drew offers her a whole new way to get away from it all. But can this ever be more than just a three-day fling?

Find out more and read an extract from the story here – enjoy!


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