Shenanigans at Sh!

Well, the reading at Sh! Portobello last Friday night in honour of K.D. Grace’s new novel, Lakeland Heatwave: Body Temperature and Rising and the Sexual Advice Association was a riot! As you’d expect, the readings were spicy enough, the highlights being Meg Philip deliberately going over her five-minute slot in the hopes of earning a good paddling from the evening’s Mistress of Timing, Kay Jaybee, Annie Player and The Dragon King’s Daughter proving poetry is anything but sedate and the unique Ernesto Sarezale getting his kit off for the girls in a delightfully urbane way. But what really brought the house down was Sarah Berry’s hysterical performance of her take on the Chicago standard, All That Jazz –  anyone who thought ‘burlesque’ was a synonym for ‘classy stripping’ needs to watch Sarah in action. Meanwhile, K.D. had provided cookies for the evening which she’d baked herself – and, in keeping with the book’s paranormal theme, imbued with love, contentment and prosperity spells. No wonder we all felt so good by the end of the evening!

Audience and participants alike had a fantastic time as well as raising money for a very worthwhile cause, and you can find pictures from the event and details of all those who took part at K.D.’s blog. What a spellbinding night!

One thought on “Shenanigans at Sh!

  1. Kay Jaybee says:

    Was a fabulous evening- and I did so enjoy waving that paddle!! x

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