Wet Man Alert!

I love getting a nice cover image, and this one, for my new Xcite release, Crossing The Line, is very nice.

Crossing The Line is the story of romantic novelist Ellie, who moves to an isolated cottage the Isle of Man in search of peace and quiet so she can write her new book (and with the weekly bin collection taking place outside, complete with attendant banging and crashing, even as I type this, you can tell it’s a concept that’s close to my heart!). What she hasn’t counted on is acquiring a neighbour, Jason, who’s renovating the cottage next door. The couple immediately get off on the wrong foot, but their relationship begins to change as both realise they have a view into the neighbouring property that lets them see each other at unguarded moments, like when Jason is having an impromptu shower with the garden hose (see, nothing gratuitous about that wet man on the cover after all!). But when Jason decides to draw the line after one extremely passionate encounter, should Ellie cross it?

The story is published tomorrow, but you can pre-order it from the new and improved Xcite website, and if you use the special Wicked Wednesday code, you can get this – and all Xcite titles – at 25 per cent off. Just enter the code WICKWED0703 at the checkout, but hurry, as the code is only valid today, and you wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?

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