There’s No Time Like The Present…

…to take advantage of the special offer on Dreamspinner Press’ 2012 June Daily Dose collection. If you’re not familiar with the concept of the Daily Dose, it involves a new short story being sent to you every day throughout the month. This year’s theme is Time Is Eternity, and there are thirty prime slices of m/m romantic erotica (plus a bonus short) in the collection. My story, A Man Out Of Time, is the tale of American university professor, Dale Hoberman, who earns a prestigious visiting fellowship to Oxford’s Corpus Christi College, only to discover very quickly that he’s out of his depth in the college’s rarefied academic atmosphere. He finds himself catapulted back  over a hundred years, where he meets eccentric (and very gorgeous) physics professor Martin Winthorp. Dale is far much more comfortable in Martin’s time than his own, but he already knows that Martin died tragically young. Is his happiness about to be snatched away before he’s even begun to appreciate it?

You can find out more about all the stories in the Daily Dose here.  Just reading the synopses, with characters travelling anything from twenty to almost two thousand years to find the man of their dreams, makes me itch to get my hands on the whole collection, and if it has the same effect on you, you can get the Daily Dose at the special price of $39.99 (about £26 – a real bargain!) if you order it before April 3oth, or $49.99 before May 25th. After that, you’ll have the option of buying the stories individually, or $64.99 for the set – and all the time in the world to enjoy some quality m/m fiction…

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