Reviews On The Wrong Side Of The Road

The Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road anthology, with its collection of genre-defying, rule-breaking, strangely different stories from a host of talented authors, has been picking up some great reviews. Co-editor Clayton Bye explains the concept of the collection like this – “Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is a group of authors with some sort of link to who sprang at the chance to create an anthology designed to give the reader ‘a different kind of reading experience’. And just to make sure that happened, we took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked.” And it seems people are having just as much fun reading the stories as we had writing them, if these comments are anything to go by:

Ellie Hall, 1889 Labs
There are no stories in this lot that do not deserve to be read; they are all of a worthy standard. Four stars.

Steve Beai
…And then it hit me. That was precisely the point of Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road; to take the reader off guard… … it all represented the essence of skillful storytelling and every participating author should be justly proud of their willingness to get behind those unfamiliar wheels and step on the gas. I had been run down, backed over, run down and backed over again and again, mangled and rearranged and left gently on the curb, whole and wholly entertained.

The Midwest Review (Kaye Trout)
The editing by Sassy Brit and C.C. Bye is excellent, and the entire presentation is beautifully professional. If you like the short-story genre and want something unique and innovative, you might consider this read. My personal favorite was Malpas, a novella, by Marion Webb-De Sisto, an erotica beauty and beast.

T Lane
Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road certainly did it for me. From the umber-creepy to the tragically bittersweet, this anthology has it all. …I’m giving Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road a 4½ spider rating and recommending this anthology to any adult reader looking for something different. You can’t go wrong!”

Lisa Lane
“This anthology contains some of the creepiest and unusual stories I’ve read in a long time. While a few of the selections seemed out of place either by caliber or by genre, the best works in this anthology truly set the bar for greatness in speculative fiction. As a whole, I rate Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road at four stars and recommend it as a great addition to any speculative fiction library.”

The anthology is now available in e-book format for $5.99, so if you want to read stories that really do defy description in their breadth of variety, including sci-fi, erotica, horror and much more, click on the image below to go to Clayton Bye’s bookshop. Or you could always stay on the right side of the road and miss all the fun!

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