Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road – Marion Webb-De Sisto

My guest at Naughty Corner Towers today is another of the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road gang, Marion Webb-De Sisto. Welcome, Marion!

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road – The most dangerous rule-wreckers from Alternative-Read.com have written stories for this ‘adults only’ anthology. It’s a ‘must have’ book, covering different genres, all speculative fiction and great reading for those times when you want to get lost in the world of “What if?” There’s something for everyone within the pages, no one’s preference has been neglected. The anthology contains seventeen short stories and one novella, entitled Malpas. This is a Fantasy tale written by me, Marion Webb-De Sisto. A modern-day librarian and a demon come together in erotic dreams. Can these two very different individuals, who are drawn together by lust, eventually find true love? For one reviewer, who described this story as an “erotica beauty and beast,” it was her personal favorite.

Creating the story Malpas was a venture into something new for me. Although my previous novels have both angels and demons in them, the stories are not erotic. I’d been giving some thought to writing in that genre, but it wasn’t uppermost in my mind. Then I heard about the proposed anthology and I realized I was being offered the opportunity to try my hand at what is known as erotica. To my surprise the storyline developed easily and I enjoyed exploring my new genre. I guess this becomes obvious when I say I’ve written two further erotic stories since completing the one for the anthology. I’ve discovered a new path and am wandering down it.

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is available from the Clayton Bye bookstore.

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