Sunday Soccer Quickie

Apologies to anyone who thought this might be a haven of tranquility away from Euro 2012, but I’ve decided to revive the Quickie for a week and share a little snippet from my football-themed novel Playing The Field (published by Headline Liaisons and sadly now out of print).

Journalist Corey Palmer has the job of producing ‘colour’ pieces about the England team and their opponents at the Five Continents Cup, and though when she arrives in the States to take up her reporting job she knows very little about the beautiful game, she’s soon getting up close and personal with the players, including this encounter with a feisty pair of French twins, Jean-Marc and Pascal Le Brun:

She paused for a moment, wanting it to be the hands of one of the twins that removed her underwear. As if reading her mind, Jean-Marc came round from the other side of the desk to stand behind her, pulling her to his body. His groin pressed against her backside, which was left almost bare by the thong back of the G-string; she could feel his erection beginning to stir beneath the loose royal blue tracksuit trousers he was wearing.

‘Melissa, you are a very beautiful woman,’ he breathed, his pronunciation of her name like an aural caress.

Pascal watched for a few seconds as Mel began to rub her bottom against his brother’s crotch. Jean-Marc responded by reaching for the fastening of her bra, undoing it quickly, and pushing the straps off her shoulders so that it fell from her body. Mel glanced down, knowing that Pascal would follow her gaze; he could not fail to notice that her dark nipples were already standing proud of their areolae, visible proof of her growing excitement.

He obviously liked what he was being encouraged to see, for he quickly stripped out of his tracksuit and came to join his brother. The black briefs he was wearing clung to the semi-erect contours of his penis, and Mel stroked a hand over the solid-looking bulge.

Jean-Marc’s lips were nuzzling the side of her neck, and his hands cupped her breasts, lifting and pushing them together. Pascal dropped to his knees, and kissed Mel’s mound through the lacy stuff of her G-string. While she gave herself up to the feel of Pascal’s hot mouth, separated from her sex by only the thinnest of layers, Jean-Marc took the opportunity to undress. He was more thorough than his brother, and when he came up behind her again, she could feel the hot length of his naked cock against her skin.

Let’s just say that what happens next brings a whole new meaning to playing two up front!

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