It’s Official!

I’m sexier than Fifty Shades of Had Way Too Much Publicity Already – at least, according to The Daily Beast. Their article Sexier Than Fifty Shades of Grey: Naughtiest Bits from 12 Other Erotica Bestsellers features some real classics, including My Secret Garden, Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy and Shirley Conran’s epic bonkbuster Lace (goldfish of a nervous disposition, don’t worry, they don’t use that bit…). Also included, though, is Cleis Press’ Orgasmic anthology, edited by the ever-lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel, and though they don’t actually mention it by name, the ‘naughty bit’ they highlight – ‘I’m bucking my hips, feeling those little tickly sensations that mean my orgasm can’t be too far away, which is precisely when Danny orders me to stop what I’m doing and play the vibrator over my nipples instead’ – is taken from my story in the collection, The Waiting Game. I hope whoever picked out that little snippet enjoyed the rest of the story…

You can find the full article here, and Orgasmic is available from Amazon and other retailers of quality naughty bits.


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