Shades Of Jumping On A Bandwagon

I really should hand out an award for the most tenuous attempt to publicise a book on the back of Fifty Shades Of Please Make It Stop. A press release from Biteback Publishing informs me that Edwina Currie’s series of politically themed bonkbusters is being relaunched in e-book form, and tries to persuade readers that Edwina was one of the trailblazers of successful, high-profile erotic fiction (*cough*Anais Nin/Emanuelle Arsan/Black Lace*cough*). I shan’t give you the details of any of these books, because you’re more than capable of finding them yourself if you’re interested, and there are plenty of erotica authors whose backlists are higher up the queue for serious inspection. But thinking about it, maybe EL James does owe some kind of debt of inspiration to Ms Currie. After all, readers of a certain vintage will remember Edwina had an affair with then Prime Minister John Major – who was always depicted by Spitting Image as the original one shade of grey….


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