Ooh, Lovely Covers!

Seeing the cover of a forthcoming release is always an exciting moment, particularly when they’ve been put together by the very talented Total-e-bound cover artist Posh Gosh. It’s a busy time on the TEB release front for me – first comes the Switch BDSM anthology, published on September 3rd but available to pre-order from August 27th. As you might know, a switch is someone who can take both the dominant and submissive role in a relationship, and the authors in this collection will have had fun with that concept. I know I did! Here’s the cover, to give you an idea of the talented line-up involved.

My story in the collection, Wagers of Sin, is also coming out as a single release. Telling the story of dpminatrix Serena, who finds that when she makes a losing bet with her best friend,  she has to experience life from a submissive’s perspective, it features this delicious act of shirt removal:

And to round the selection off, here’s a very spooky cover for The Spirit Of Stage 13, a Hollywood-based ghost story for Hallowe’en, available to pre-order from October 8th. Look out for those things that go hump in the night!

Oh, I really am spoiled! And maybe I’ll spoil you with an extract from these stories nearer the release date…


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