Behind The Mask

Ever found yourself pretending to be someone you weren’t, just to help you get closer to the man of your dreams? Well, that’s what happens to Summer Kerrigan, the heroine of my new Xcite Romance novella, Masked Desires. Taking a job in her local bar when she’s unceremoniously fired from her post in newspaper ad sales, she determines to seize the chance to start a new chapter in life and maybe enjoy some of the wild experiences that appear to happen to people around her on a regular basis. And that means she’s only too happy to help out her gorgeous boss, Eddie, by accompanying him to a masked ball – in the role of his girlfriend.

Summer thinks by doing this she’ll keep Eddie’s demanding sister, Heather, happy – but what she doesn’t know is that not only has Heather organised the ball, she also attempts to organise Eddie’s love life by driving away girlfriends she doesn’t approve of. Is Summer getting out of her depth, particularly as this sham relationship seems to be turning into the real thing…

Masked Desires is available exclusively on Kindle until February, but you can also pre-order it from the Xcite website – and find out what happens when the masks come off..

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