Masked Desires Is Free!

Yes, that’s right – from today until November 25th, you can download Masked Desires from Kindle for free. And if you need any more incentive to get a copy, here’s a little extract from this hot romance novella to whet your appetite. Summer needs a job, Eddie needs a barmaid – and when she steps into the bar in response to his want ad, the handsome bar owner makes an immediate impression on her:

‘Hey, what can I get you?’ the bartender asked as I approached.

My confident intended reply died in my throat. I could only stare at the guy who’d addressed me. Whatever I’d been expecting the owner of the want ad-clutching hands to look like, it wasn’t this combination of height and breadth, shaggy dark hair and scruffily bearded chin that had me taking an awestruck breath. The T-shirt he wore, emblazoned with the bar’s logo, stretched tight across his chest, like he might burst out of it at any moment. When he smiled, the creases at the corners of his hazel eyes crinkling, my insides seemed to turn to warm syrup, and my pussy clenched with need. It took me a little while to collect myself enough to speak.

‘I’m here about the barmaid job,’ I told him, glad the tears that had threatened to come as I’d cleared my desk hadn’t tumbled down my cheeks to ruin my make-up.

He gave a soft whistle. ‘Wow, that was fast. I only just this minute put the sign up.’

‘Well, I happened to be passing, and I hate to let an opportunity slip by,’ I offered by way of explanation. ‘Who do I need to speak to?’

‘That would be me. Eddie Quinn. I own this place.’ He held out a big paw of a hand for me to shake. I did so a little awkwardly, cradling the box containing everything I’d brought from my desk at the Reporter in the crook of my arms. The fuzzy leaves of the purple passion plant I’d received as a present from Delia the previous Christmas drooped forlornly over its rim.

‘Summer Kerrigan,’ I replied, feeling a sudden tingling as his skin touched mine. The sweetness of the contact reminded me of how long it had been since my last relationship had ended. I’d met Todd on a girls’ night out with Delia. We’d had one of those three-week flings that burns hot as fire at the start, then fizzles out as soon as you realise you have nothing in common outside the bedroom. Nice as it had been, I wasn’t looking for any more of the same. Next time, I wanted to meet someone who was in it for the long haul; someone who shared the same goals in life as I did. Though what those goals were, I wasn’t exactly sure any more, not now my former career path had so unexpectedly come to an end. Which reminded me of why I was standing here, still feeling the subtle pressure of Eddie’s hand against my own even though we’d long since broken the physical contact.

To find out what happens next, get your copy here, and surrender to those masked desires…

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