Couple Of Covers For You

So I haven’t had the opportunity to do much in the way of blogging recently, given that I have builders in the house and that really only gives you the chance to hone your tea-making skills (if you want the perfect strong, one sugar, I’m your woman…).

But I do have new stories in a couple of imminent releases from Total-e-bound, and once the dust has settled and everything is no longer covered in plastic and gaffer tape (which, admittedly, does sound like a good starting point for a story), I’ll fill in more details of the content. But for now, please admire the fine covers for the m/m medical romance anthology, Emergency Servicing:


If that’s not mouthwatering enough, how about this classy number for a menage anthology where everyone’s not so much filthy rich as rich and filthy – Sharing the Billionaire:


Both anthologies are available to pre-order now (click on the covers to go to the TEB site), and I’ll be sharing spicy extracts with you very soon…

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